House Painting in Gardendale

Adding a fresh coat of paint can work wonders for enhancing the look and overall feel of your home. It’s a tried and tested home improvement, which can completely refresh any interior or exterior space. Our general contractors can spruce up your living space with professional house painting services.

While many homeowners apply paint on their own, only a trained and certified team of painters can achieve seamless, impressive results.

The team of painting contractors at EMB Homes & Construction LLC has been servicing homes throughout the Gardendale area for years. For incredible error-free, stress-free, cost-effective professional painting, there is no other call to make.

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Home Painting Consultation

Our ultimate goal is to bring our client’s customized service and flawless results. We want your new aesthetic to reflect your style and integrate seamlessly into your home.

To bring you the best possible results, we always begin our services by providing a detailed consultation.

Initial Meeting

During the initial meeting, we will come to your home and survey the project area. We will talk about your goals for space and what shades you are interested in using. For touch-ups, we have access to the industry’s best color-matching technology. 

We will then discuss your budget and come up with a detailed estimate that will outline the material and labor costs, as well as a realistic timeline.

Our Painting Services

Once the consultation is complete, we can get to work. Here is how we break down our professional painting services:

  • We start by removing furniture and applying necessary coverings to the floor, windows, and doors.
  • We wash the walls or siding, removing loose paint and debris.
  • We ensure that the surface is smooth and ready to paint.
  • We cut corners and apply a primer if necessary.
  • We complete the paint job before inspecting the results.

Interior Painting Services

Our interior painting services can work to reinvent your indoor spaces, making them warmer, more stylish, and inviting.

While some clients have a detailed vision for their interior makeover, others may need a bit of guidance. Our creative and talented experts can help point you in the right direction by suggesting colors and pallets that complement your home and enhance its existing beauty.

Our interior painting services are not exclusive to wall painting. We can also paint shelves, cabinets, furniture pieces, exposed brick, ceilings, floors, and so much more!

Exterior Painting Services By Professional Painting Contractors

Let’s not overlook the outside!  Exterior painting can work to increase curb appeal and raise the market value of your property.

We provide the following exterior services:

  • Sanding
  • Power washing
  • Priming
  • Painting siding, wood, brick, and concrete
  • Painting and staining decks and fences
  • Painting doors, window frames, and shutters
  • Painting garage doors
  • Painting eaves, fascia, and gutters

The Best Painting Company in Gardendale

EMB Homes & Construction LLC promises remarkable results. Put your trust in us, and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

For years, we have been delivering seamless painting services to homeowners throughout the Gardendale area.

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